We advise Belgian companies in their process of expansion towards the Middle East
We attract investments from corporations in the Middle East towards the Benelux
MEYALUX is the light guider for both investors and companies

about us

MEYALUX is an international business consulting company that advises Belgian companies in their process of internationalization towards the Middle East, In addition we advise Arab investors in the Middle East looking towards the Benelux region, the Benelux consists of three countries: Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

While our clients come from diffirent sectors, our focus is mainly on construction, real estate and oil&gas sectors.

What’s in a name


Mea lux in Latin means: My light ….

Our vision is to be your light guider in the new market and that’s where the name comes from, you can rely on us and we will show you the best way to do your business, we connect you and then we celebrate your growth which is also our growth, our vision and name inspired us to choose our logo’s colors so it beautifully reflects light.

In addition it is also interesting to know that:

ME : The first two letters from Middle East.

LUX : The last three letters from BENELUX.


MEYALUX bridges real estate, construction and oil&gaz opportunities between the Middle East and the Benelux region.


Our services

Market research

You have decided to enter a new market in the Middle East. Great! but how much relevant information do you know about this market? it is advisable to carry out a professional market research before you step into your new market. Client testomonial? click here.


Are you looking for a strategic partner in the new market?

We search among our exclusive network of decision makers and propose to you a list of potential partners to engage with.

Contact us to know which countries we cover.


We help you to enter your new market confidently, whether it was your first step or you are already in the market and you would like to expand your business there. By setting a concrete strategy plan you get advises on how to carefully construct your resources and functions to reach the utmost of your goals. Client testimonial? Click here ( Available in Dutch)



We started to build partnerships with several SAAS companies worldwide, we are helping in implementation, configuration, consulting and development. We have the skills and the experience to help you make the most out of your new SAAS product. 

Get in touch to know what solutions and tools we provide. 


1. We are experienced.

2. We rely on a strong network of only decision makers.

3. We understand both mentalities; Western & Middle Eastern.


“Very dedicated company that guides its clients with a great passion, it certainly can put your business on the road in that region”.

Petra Van Bouwelen
International Business Development Manager – VOKA

“Very professional, direct to the point, well prepared, I got a lot of useful information about the GCC region and the Arabic culture and also useful guides about how to enter the market there”.

Didier Lepoutre
International sales manager at ORCA

“Meeting with Yasmine was a positive experience, she is very pragmatic which I find it very nice, she knows many interesting people in the GCC region, I got very good answers for all my questions”.

Matthias Logist
CEO at GreenlifePro

“We got useful information through Meyalux, Yasmine is an inspiring professional, decent and very well prepared therefore we are satisfied”.

Dirk Spooren & Sofie Hermans
CEO & Commercial manager at Orakel

“Meyalux is an enthusiastic company with a profound understanding of the Arabic culture, it can help the Western and Belgian companies to enter the Middle East market. We wish Meyalux all the best and good luck”.

Peter Vande Moortel
CEO at Vande Moortel

“Yasmine is correct, direct to the point and a nice person to work with. she is leading Meyalux helping to bridge two cultures, she was born and lived in 2 different cultures therefore she understands the differences and she can guide us to achieve results”.

Desiree Derksen

Advisor at In-Gent vzw

Our Values

Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Through honesty, diversity, passion, excellence and a focus on social responsibility, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.


We tell the truth, we never overpromise to gain a client, partner or employee.


We have respect for everyone and we deal with people from different backgrounds and minorities, we do not filter based on race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.


We are passionate about what we do, passion drives us and takes us to no limits.


We provide excellent customer service, we engage with our clients and we build long-term relationships while working together to create a super added value.

Social responsibility

We care for our society, we engage with activities that pay back for our societies and communities. MEYALUX co-operates with the Belgian government, CAW, IN-GENT to coach refugees in the East Flanders of Belgium.




MEYALUX Kerkstraat 108 9050 Gentbrugge Belgium


MEYALUX Kerkstraat 108 9050 Gentbrugge Belgium


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